Jeremy Kyle is a Marked Man

"I'm an outsider by choice, but not truly -- it's the unpleasantness of the system that keeps me out. I'd rather be in, in a good system. That's where my discontent comes from: being forced to choose to stay outside.
My advice? Just keep moving straight ahead. Every now and then you find yourself in a different place."

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Modest Mouse - Dramamine

We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves 


Why girls like thugs? Us regular niggas can ruin your life too!

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never mind, this is the greatest video of all time.

this is required viewing


You know what sucks? Kids gotta grow up in this Cena era where his finisher is called the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. 

BACK IN MY DAY! That shit was called the FU. and it went way harder. JR on commentary would wyle out. Now Cole is like AA! AA!



Steven Vera’s new edit is live! Jump over to the homies @beartrucks YouTube channel to see him killing it in a chill raw run from Ecuador. #teambustin #skateeverything @ny_vera

John Kreutter

John Kreutter

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